Wednesday, August 19, 2009

flying around, had to come down sometime

Argh! Sorry I've been gone so long. I finally told myself I have to blog today because tomorrow I'm leaving to visit my grandparents in New York and will be gone about half a week. So.
July was very busy. First, my sister and I and some others from our church (including Maria from ofteacupsandtoadstools) went up to Toronto, Canada on a service trip. We helped a church there with leading a peace-themed day camp. On our last day there we went to the Royal Ontario Museum and got to see the Dead Sea Scrolls! Very amazing.
The week after that, my sister, my mom and I drove out to see some colleges in the midwest (aaaah! college is lurking around the corner!). There was one I particularly liked, but I'm not sure how costs will work out (it was extremely $$$).
This month, as well as working on some over-the-summer school assignments,I'm taking a college art history course.
Also, thank you thank you thank you all who added me to their tags, but I don't have the time right now. :( I really love tags though, they are so much fun to read and do.
If you are an avid follower of Adela (pinkchampagnefashion) then you probably know she already started school. Well on their first day of school we - Adela, Maria, J, and me - dressed up like hippy-ish bums and had a little picnic on the local parking garage roof. Below I'm including pictures from that and the Toronto trip.

This is the building the church met in.

I love this picture - so cute!

Sharpie tats!
We helped to paint the pastor's fence around his backyard. It was a lot of fun.

One of the younger childrens' classes.
This guy got clever and attached all the markers together!
I guess black squirrels are common in Toronto, but where we're from it's unheard of! We were like, "Look! A black squirrel!" and those who lived there were like, "Yeeaahh..."
I wasn't allowed to bring my camera in, but this is the museum where we saw the Dead Sea Scrolls.
The CN Tower!
We stopped by an art festival that was going on - this was our last day in Toronto and since the peace camp was over we toured - I love this artist's work, unfortunately I forgot to get his name!
There was a garbage strike going on that week...
The Eaton Center.

Niagra Falls!
Hmm...Canadian trip and parking garage trip. Not sure if there's a comparison...

(Stopped by a cake shop)

(And a used bookstore)


Monday, August 3, 2009

drumming song

YAY! Florence and the Machine's new single is coming out soon and here's the video. By the way, sorry I haven't been blogging in over a month - July was extremely busy. I'll post back soon! x

Florence + The Machine - Drumming Song