Saturday, February 28, 2009

pretty disappointing day

today has been pretty blah. I have tendonitis in both arms but it only acts up sometimes. well, I've been working on weaving a basket for art class and it's acted up again. So painful! I think I'll ask my teacher if i can opt out of this project; maybe she'll let me do something else.
I just sat around all day. The most excitement was going to starbucks with my sister and then getting a lavender-vanilla candle at Yankee Candle for my mom's birthday coming up. so nothing that productive, fun, or interesting to write about. :/

a few of my cousins are here, but they're all boys and like twelve and younger. They're downstairs playing with my brother.
I found this awesome quote on the bella vita blog; I'm copying it here because I think everyone should read it.
"It makes sense that if a plant is separated from the sun, it dies, and that if people are separated from God, they die. And so now it feels as if we live on a planet where there is just a little bit of water left, poisoned as it is, and we all are trying to get it and drink it so we can stay alive. But what we really need is God. What we really need is somebody who loves us so much we don't worry about death, about our hair thinning, about other drivers pulling in front of us on the road, about whether people are poor or rich, good-looking or ugly, about whether we feel lonely or about whether or not we are wearing clothes. We need this; we need this so we can love other people purely and not for selfish gain, we need this so we can see everybody as equals, we need this so our relationships can be sincere, we need this so we can stop kicking ourselves around, we need this so we can lose all self-awareness and find ourselves for the first time, not by realizing some dream, but by being told who we are by the only Being who has the authority to know, by that I mean the Creator."
-Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller
Actually, I did do something semi-productive this morning. I hadn't sketched in a while, so i sat down and drew a picture of my sister making a funny face (copied off of a photo I took of her last month). sorry the photo below is sorta grey and fuzzy...

Friday, February 27, 2009

apple-y goodness ^_^

I noticed we had a basket full of apples in our kitchen, so I put one to use and baked it. First, mix a ton (okay, a decent amount...use your judgment) of honey, raisins and cinnamon in a bowl.
Core an apple. If you don't have a core-er (?) you can use a vegetable peeler to dig into it, or just a knife.
Place the apple on a square of aluminum foil. Load it up. Fold the aluminum foil over (you may want to double-wrap it; I've had it leak before) and place it in the oven at 325 degrees for 30 minutes. I've always done this time amount because I like the apple with a little crunchiness still in it, but I suppose you could put it in for longer.

Cut it up and enjoy! This is one of my favorite things to make in the winter. You can't really tell from the pic, but there's a puddle of honey in the bottom there; the honey also soaks through the's great. and so simple.

Well, see you in blogland. ♥

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

*sigh* summer...

Enya - Lazy Days

Right now I am really missing my friend summer. Three more months of school seems like an eternity. I miss
*picking strawberries from the field.
*the grass when it's green and lush..walking barefoot through it.
*my hair all tousled in the breeze.
*shorts and ankle bracelets and tank tops.
*sharing an ice cream with a friend. especially when it gets all drippy and messy.
*the vivacity of the world after winter..nature pulsating with energy.
*birds singing on the dogwood tree outside my window.
*trees in a state of greenness and the sun sifting through the leaves. ah.
*jumping in cold water on a hot day.
*lying around watching the clouds.
*talking about things other than school.
*fruits! blueberries, raspberries, aforementioned strawberries, mangoes, pomegranates, oranges, grapefruits, pineapple, melons, watermelons, plums, peaches...

ah well, all I can really do is be patient and it will come..three more months, three more months...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

la dee room

I haven't written in about a week! I'm surprised with myself, though I haven't really had anything to write about. I'm taking you on a tour of my room...
A collage I made a while ago (and vintage tea cups, yay!!)
my closet door.
my new watch.

found this vintage Louis Sherry chocolate tin for $5 at an antique store; can you believe it?! It's kinda dirty on the top, but is otherwise in excellent condition.
more vintage-y knick-knacks.
my desk. I use this for storing everything but desk-related items.
sorry for this slightly boring entry... :/
have a great week!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

fun with SHARPIES

found these boring white canvas shoes; they were cheap tho so I bought a pair and stayed up late last night drawing all over them with sharpies. My head is still kinda weird-feeling from all the fumes, but it was worth it. They are currently my favorite article of clothing that i own.♥

okay, so these aren't really good pics of the shoes, but they're perty cool, right?

yay! spring is near!! I spotted these little guys in my front yard..I will be keeping my eye on them and marking their progress as they bloom (i'm thinking they're crocuses but I can't remember from last spring...)

hugs! xx

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I remember we were walking to strawberry swing...

ooo...the weekend has been lovely.
I slept over last night at the house of my vintage friend, Adel. We looked at Erte fashion plates and balanced apples on our heads. later we went to an art exhibit that was aqua-themed, where we critiqued a photograph of a water fountain and ate chocolate covered strawberries. today i finally iced the heart-shaped cookies so now they're pink and sparkly and happy. ^_^
She loves hedgehogs...

this is the wallpaper in her bathroom. isn't it adorable?! imagine living in a wallpaper house...

♥♥happy happy valentine's day! xoxo

Friday, February 13, 2009

misty morning wrap me in your embrace

Misty morning
wrap me in your embrace
It seems so long sing I've seen his face
The sunlight sifts through the hazy veil
warming my face, lighting my heart
But the clouds close the sun -
leave the world pale
My body is cold and my hope falls apart
Through the mist I see him walking
I try to follow but I keep on stumbling
He fades away

I wrote this poem in study hall. And also yesterday in school my friend penned that adorable star on my pinky. Last night my Scottish friend spent the night and we watched Some Like It Hot (one of the funniest movies ever!) and ate animal crackers.
I was looking through my old copy of Shakespeare plays and to my delight and surprise I discovered rose petals pressed between the pages of Merchant of Venice and Macbeth. I had pressed them last summer; must have forgot about them up till now.

♥♥Happy Day Before Valentine's Day! ♥♥

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i can tell it's gonna be a good day...

Today was lovely weather. I adore the outdoor smell when it's wettish on the ground. went for a walk and enjoyed the breeze and the birds singing "pretty pretty day in February!"

I love wearing tights and shorts. I'm so glad the weather was nice today so I could get away with and outfit like this and not get wierd looks like "it's too cold...wear pants!!" haha, the stray sock just had to get in the picture...


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

kitty-diddy, fuzzy pictures, & dirt-cheapness

we are going to have a four day weekend because of President's Day...I can't wait for it! I have to make this brief tho, cuz i still have literature homework (a two-page essay on a selected scene from Pride and Prejudice)...

I got these betsey johnson tights for two crazy bucks at TJMaxx; it's two pairs: one fishnets and one hot pink. I'm not really into fishnets so I'll probably just rip 'em up and use them for some artsy project. The orange-y reddish ipod case I got for seventy cents. I already have a homemade case, but hey, for seventy cents...?!

heheh...kitty-diddy is fascinated by the wristband thing on my camera. look how big her eyes are as she mischievously reaches for it..

argh. the snow is all melted, but there's rumored weather reports that it'll come back. as much as i despise the cold depressingness of winter, i;m wishing it'll snow again so my sis and I can do that shoot in our backyard... we'll see.