Monday, March 30, 2009

i look like a bruise. the daffodils are pretty tho.

Spring. Ah. After a long dreary season of snow and ice and grey, spring comes -- the harbinger of summer. It's the season when we hold our breath in giddy anticipation of the next season.

It was grey all over
The sky
like a murky watercolor
dripped sorrow onto me
It soaked through me
I didn't remember what color was
Only the grey
But something made me look up
peeking indignantly through the clouds
was a patch of blue
What was it doing there
spoiling the endless grey
I squinted in its awkward brilliance
watching as the clouds
drifted apart
The blue filled the heavens
spilling beautifully over everything
seeping into my soul
I cried
This is an outfit I put together; it's a black dress with a navy blue sweater -- you can't really tell because of the lighting. Black and blue...ha.
I went out and took some pictures of the daffodils in our front yard.
Hope you all have a great week!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

fishies and cupcakes...hmm

Believe it or not, I'm still sick! Well, it's not as serious as it was before (it's just a cold/cough now), but tomorrow it will make four weeks. I guess my body is just in-immune to illnesses right now (haha, say "in-immune" five times fast!).
Here are some fishies I made in art class when we were working with printmaking. Our goal was to incorporate the human hand into the shape of the fish when we carved it out (you can vaguely see the outlines of fingers...). They're not the best quality, I know, but it was actually my first time with printmaking.
Which is your favorite?
This is my favorite, even though the fish don't have faces...It's different from what everyone else in my class did (two fish swimming together instead of just one printed on). I also like how they overlap.
I also made some mini cupcakes for my mom's birthday. Now I'm not sure which I like better - mini ones or regular sized. These are so cute!
In response to Alice X's question about inspiration boards, here are some photos of mine...


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Second day of spring da dum

You know that expensive vintage clothing boutique I posted about earlier? Well, today they had a spring opening that my friend Adela and my other friend went to. It was okay, we just wandered around the shop and tried on a few things (and snacked on fruit and donuts!), but it was an excuse to get dressed up and go somewhere.
Her sister (my friend).
Me! The wedges were actually Adela's - aren't they great? The dress was 70s vintage; it has a cool V-neck, but you can't see because of my hair.


Friday, March 20, 2009

icees or liquid starbursts?

Happy Happy First Day of Spring! I went to Rita's with some friends to get free icees; I got a mango one and it tasted like starburst candy (don't know if that's a good thing or not...).
I'm hoping the weekend is enjoyable; I've been such a homebody recently (not purposely. i've jsut been super-duper busy). I haven't even been to Walmart in like a month. Heh, not like that's a big deal anyway.
Isn't that oak leaf bud adorable? I really love this picture.

Kitty-Diddy. On a log.

My friend and I are joining Script Frenzy for April. If you are the more creative writer kind of person, look into it. The point of it is to write (individually or with a partner) a 100 page script in a month (April). The script can be anything from screenplay to radio to comic books. We might not reach 100 pages, but we'll sure try!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

it's finally over

Well, I was sick for a week; first a fever, then a cold. I did practically nothing until yesterday afternoon when I went to a vintage store with a friend. Check out the website here: Miss Ruth's Time Bomb.

I really love this gold dress, but it was a little too expensive. Ah well. Sorry that I really don't have anything to write...

Saturday, March 7, 2009


yesterday at school I felt a little sick, but thought I could endure till the end of the day. well, I couldn't, so I went home early with a 102.3 fever. I slept for like seventeen hours, and I haven't eaten since Friday morning - just been drinking grape juice and gingerale. There goes my weekend. :(


Thursday, March 5, 2009

birds on bikes

woo-hoo! there they go! these didn't take long to make, and now I have a cute window decoration...
I am currently in love with:
Sanuk! I've been wanting a pair of slip-ons for a while now, but haven't found any I really liked (I'm a little bit of a picky shopper). The only downside is that they're a little too pricey for me (but you know, i'm not really big on spending money on anything over ten bucks...). Well, I'll think about it...I do need a good all-round pair of shoes for summer...
I can't wait till we turn our clocks forward! Longer days..yeah!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

no wisdom teeth...hurray!

I went to the dentist's today (ugh, I know) and they were like, "have you had your wisdom out yet?" "No," said I, in a timid voice. "Well, we'll have to do an x-ray on your mouth to see if you have any coming in; if you do, we'll have to pull some teeth." (me, thinking to myself: *yipes. God help!*) well, they took the x-ray, and after ten minutes of torturous waiting, they declared it was my lucky day and I do not have any wisdom teeth coming in. Weirdly enough, all of my other relatives on both my parents' sides have had them...hmm...i guess i'm just special. ;)
There's a planet out these nights, I think it's Venus. can anyone verify that? (haha...yeah, from these fuzzy poor-quality pics...)

PS. I went for a walk tonight with my sister and we had been talking about bicycles and then the subject topic drifted to birds. somehow the idea of birds on bikes came up and i've been pondering it ever since. Wouldn't that be utterly adorable?! a little bluebird or robin pedaling along down the road...oh so cute! I promise my next post will be of a picture of a bike-riding bird.


PPS. thank-you sweeties for all your comments on my last post! you're the best!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

i need advice, please

okay...before I get to the meat of the post, here are some pics...this is what it looked like out my bedroom window this morning. weirdly tho, the snow melted completely by the afternoon.

got this dress at a vintage store downtown. feet look really funny in this picture...
okay, so there's this guy and I only see him once or twice a week. yes, i like him. but i've been wondering for a while if he likes me back. there have been times when we've got very close, like, he comes and sits next to me and we talk like we're great friends. or once we even went on a walk together and shared secrets and stuff. but then the next time i see him he doesn't even acknowledge my existence! or if he does, it's just a glance or smile in my direction. I don't get it. i'm really tired and very confused, cuz i just got that im-ignoring-you treatment tonight...ugh. is this just an example of how weird/bad guys are at communicating? or is it me being too over-analyzing or something...?
*yawn* i'm too tired to think. if you have advice, please comment.
p.s. I realize i didn't give much details...if you need any, ask.