Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Autumn Leaves

This is a poem I wrote and thought it would be relevant, considering today is the first day of autumn. Also included are some totally irrelevant pictures...Hope everyone has a great day!
How can death be so beautiful
Flames of color
bursting in brilliance
and then flickering and falling
to ashes beneath the trees
victims of time
They'll be arrayed again
in spring
in green
My past plays out
in my mind
I want to say
I can be like a tree
I can let go of my memories and
start anew
but they are always there
God give me hope for spring



Lizzie said...

I like the poem. It has a good meter to it. :]

ha, thanks, I'm glad!

Oh, that's awesome. (That you read it, that is.) Yeah, I probably should've warned it was so depressing. That aside, I thought it was worth reading. I know! She must've been REALLY ugly and I would not have wanted to be Ethan or in his situation.

Did you see any and/or understand of the symbolism? It's cleverly done and I'm only aware of it because we've been analyzing it in English class. Would you care to know?

Anonymous said...

beautiful poem and pictures

Georgie said...

Beautiful poem! Autumn is so pretty even though its the season when everything decays.

Patty Ann said...

what a great poem
and it is perfect for a new autumn
you're such a great writer!


Rand said...

aww beautiful words
+lovely hair

LookingGlassGirl said...

I love this. I really need to start writing poetry again. You know when you have lines of a poem bursting out of you, but you can't seem to write them down and make a whole poem.

♥ Marta ♥ said...

very beautiful :)

Demi said...

thank you very much your comment :)
beautiful poem - autumn is definitely my favourite time of year <3 xoxo

Nishant said...

She must've been REALLY ugly and I would not have wanted to be Ethan or in his situation.

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